A Day In Androbel: Update

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Picture by: HolidayVargas


Today I wanted to talk about Androbel and the changes that are happening. As some of you may know, Androbel was intended to be solely an online boutique offering awesome clothing and accessories. Well, I have really thought about this and although Androbel will not be closing, I will be shifting my focus more towards the blog and different services. I will keep the online store for special pieces that catch my eye. I’m interested in handmade products; pieces that have a meaning behind, is what I will keep bringing to the store little by little. For now, you have some clothes and then the handmade jewelry from Ecuador and the handmade pieces from Guatemala. I do love fashion which is why I’m doing the blog and services surrounding fashion but I just don’t think having an online boutique is what I was really meant to do. (I will talk about this in another post <3).

Well, now that you know about the status of old Androbel, I wanted to introduce to you, the new Androbel!

Androbel is a Fashion – Business – Life destination.

With the blog, I (Belen) intend to write about personal style, beauty, health, fitness, music, books and just about anything and everything that us, girls, have questions about.There are countless things happening in the world around us therefore my goal with this blog is to create a space where I can impact someone’s life. To create a space where someone can get lost and just… smile.

The business side of Androbel consists of:

  • Blogger posts (styled products, sponsored posts, product placement, giveaway)
  •  Fashion consulting for individuals (personal shopper, wardrobe consulting, closet organizing)
  • Fashion consulting for brands/shops (trend forecasting/buying trips, in-store merchandising, photo shoot styling)
  • Business consulting (inventory turnover, buying budget, break-even analysis, etc.)
  •  Social media management (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, blog content management)
  • Mini online boutique

If you or anyone you know might be interested in these services, email me at mbaquerizo@androbel.com 🙂

So, just to make this clear… this is NOT the end of Androbel, it’s just a new phase that I’m really, really passionate about. 

The good stuff? There is a BLOWOUT sale going on right now at Androbel most of the things are 50% off! And if you happen to like something not on sale? use coupon code “LUSHTOBLUSH” for 20% off. 

androbel, dress, tribal, online shopping, online boutique, miami, womens fashion, fashion blogger, model

 What kind of pieces would you like to see at Androbel?

Do you need help with your business? What questions do you have?

Xo, Belen

Ps. Para los que solo hablan espanol, manana pondre esta misma entrada en espanol asi nos entendemos mejor 🙂
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3 thoughts on “A Day In Androbel: Update

  1. I’m not sure if my other comment went through so I will just say it again:

    This is so exciting! I am so happy for you. It is so important to be open to change and to evolve as a person in all aspects. You are going to be fabulous in this new chapter!!

    xoxo Megan, Lush to Blush


    • Hi! You are so cute!! I did go through the 1st time but I’m happy to read it twice 🙂 Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done without your help, really.


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