On Days Like This…

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Hello! Happy Monday!

I’m thinking everyone is having a great Monday since it’s a holiday! haha I will be doing some work but also enjoying the day with a family bbq 🙂

These pictures are from Friday. The day was beautiful and I made some yummy oatmeal (brown sugar + maple syrup) with peach and kiwi. I normally eat oatmeal with peach because I like how sweet it tastes but I had some kiwi at home and decided to add it this time; it turned out to taste really delicious since the kiwi brings some tropical flavor to it. Very refreshing!

androbel, palm trees, florida, beautiful, nature, mornings, breakfast, oatmeal, peach, kiwi, health, fitness


Es lunes pero es un dia feriado aqui en USA entonces supongo que casi todos estan teniendo un suuuper lunes! Yo voy a trabaja un poquito y disfrutar de un bbq en familia.

Estas fotos son del Viernes, el dia estaba super lindo y hice una avena super rica. La avena tiene azucar morena y miel. Casi siempre como mi avena con durazno pero estaba vez le anadi kiwi. No sabia como iba a quedar pero me encanto la verdad porque el kiwi tiene un sabor como tropical que es super refrescante.

androbel, palm trees, florida, beautiful, nature, mornings, breakfast, oatmeal, peach, kiwi, health, fitness

How do you take your Oatmeal?

Como preparan su Avena?

Xo, Belen


Life: Work It Out



So, today  is the day about working out. I played volleyball since I was 9 until I was about 19-20 years old. For all those years I took working out for granted because it came with the sport and it was so much fun. Well, when my volleyball career came to an end, I realized I had to start working out. It really hit me when I started noticing my nice legs disappearing.

For my workouts I like spinning because it burns lots of calories and also keeps that rush going while working your legs and butt. Did I mention my volleyball career ended because of a back injury? Well, spinning is not so great for my back either; I have to do everything in moderation.

To try to keep things simple, I like quick and effective workouts. Usually, I go to the gym with my sister and run on the treadmill and then do some planks. Other times I warm up on the treadmill and then do yoga. But, sometimes I just workout at home. Jumping rope is awesome because it keeps your heart going and you can really feel your legs and abs working. When I jump rope, I usually do 15-20min. I jump for 1 min and rest for 20 or 30 seconds. Try it. After 10 min, you can really feel everything working. Even your arms!




When I work out, I love being comfy. Tight clothes have never been my things. Not in fashion, not in sports.

How do you guys work out?



Look Fresh

It’s no surprise that I don’t like wearing makeup; I mean, I like it (it makes me look 10 times better) but I just never really got into the habit of neeedding to put it on every morning so, I wear it on 2 occasions. 

  • When I go out, out. Or,
  • The morning after (the club, that is).
So, the narcissist in me wanted to know what kind of foods would keep me from looking like death every morning. I want to know what kinds of food are healthy enough that your skin reflects it. 
This is what I found: 
According to Jo Lewin from BBC GOOD FOOD fruits and veggies are all you need. 
  • Pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, papaya and spinach are strong antioxidants which are necessary for skin cell development and healthy skin tone. 
  • Vitamin C found in: blueberries, kiwi, oranges, papaya, broccoli and strawberries are also antioxidants great for the immune system, radiant skin and helps blemishes heal properly. These are awesome because they help produce collagen which is what our skin looses as we age AKA wrinkles. 

Workout. You get more oxygen and blood flow to the skin which allows nutrients to get to your skin and that helps getting glowing skin.

Ok, so I hope this helps a little guide. I don’t want to bore you with too much information; next time we’ll take about more ways to be and look healthy.

Before I go… Don’t forget to drink your water and of course… sleep! 

What you don’t know about Saunas

My sister and I have gotten into the habit of going to the Sauna or Steam Room after working out because it feels sooooo relaxing. Every time I come out, I feel like a new person, no stress at all. And after, a good shower and I’m ready for bed. I have always known about saunas and steam rooms but never really understood the reason behind them so I did a little research about saunas. Here’s what I found: 

Aid adaptation
– Reduce stress hormones, 
– Lower blood pressure 
– Improve cardiovascular conditions
– Relieve symptoms of a cold
– May help improve endurance in sport
– Perspiration is a sign of autonomic responses trying to cool the body

Also, Did you know? 

The Finns use fresh leaves, to gently slap the skin and create further stimulation of the pores and cells. 
Apparently, there are more saunas in Finland than there are cars. Weird? Yeap, but kinda cool, too. 
Fire was seen as a gift from heaven in Finland, and the hearth and the sauna oven were its altars. 

I don’t know if steam rooms have the same purpose, I’ll have to do a little research about that. I found all of these facts al over the internet, please correct me if I’m wrong. 

I don’t know about you but, I would love to go to Sauna in Finland!! 

Sweet Emotion

So, I’ve decided to do it! I have been thinking for a while about incorporating video to my posts but it’s just a little bit embarrassing and my shyness doesn’t really help either but here it is! What do I do when I get home from my 8:30-5pm job? FASH MY FACE! I hate the feeling of dust on my face. I don’t necessarily have dust on my face but it just doesn’t feel clean and I don’t like it. After that happens I make coffee. Cute coffee mug, right? And after that I keeping blogging or working on my store or doing homework (which is what I should be doing right now). 
Then comes the workout and after that follows food or when I feel like I need to be healthy a green juice. 
UFFF! Que verguenza! jajajaa hace tiempo tenia la idea de poner videos en mi blog pero la verdad es que me da mucha verguenza hablar peor bueno aqui esta! Que hago apenas llego a mi casa del trabajo? Me lavo la cara!! odio la sensacion de que tengo polvo o simplemente que no esta 100% limpia. Siempre que puedo me lavo la cara. Donde sea. Despues de eso, me hago mi cafesito y de ahi siguo en el blog, o trabajo en mi tienda, o hago tareas (Deberia de estar haciendo eso ahora). 
Despues de eso hago ejericios y de ahi como pero si siento que tengo que ser saludable me hago un “green juice”. 

So, trust me when I say this. I wish I had money and I could buy those $10 juices they sell at Whole Foods but I just don’t have that kind of money. Also, trust me when I say this next thing. I’ve looked up a million green juices and I’ve tasted one million of them. Some can be really gross. 
This one is the latest one I’ve tried and it was really good. Well, as good as it can get. 
Ojala tuviera el dinero para comprar esos jugos que venden en el supermercado que cuestan como $10 por botellita para ahorrarme el trabajo de hacer mi propio jugo pero son demasiado caros entonces nope. Les quiero decir que durante ya mucho tiempo he estado probando diferentes recetas de estos jugos y la verdad es que he probado unos muy muy malos. Esta ultima receta que probe es la mas rica. Espero que les guste. 
The recipe/ La receta: 
– 3 Kale leaves (medium size) 
– 1 carrot (big size) 
-1/2 cucumber 
– 1/2 a lemon (for my spanish friends… yeap. the yellow one) 
– 1 apple (fuji apple) 
* the apple makes the juice sweet- the lemon gives it a refreshing touch. 
* La manzana hace el jugo dulce- el limon le da un toque refrescante. 

Why green juices? 
-If you are not into salads, a green juice is a way to get your veggies in! 
– It’s a natural drink which means natural sugars. 
-You are extracting all the juice and pressing the nutrients out- you get everything!
– They are not heated to protect them from bacteria while at the same time killing the nutrients like bottled juices. 
– Si no te gustan las ensaladas, estos jugos son tu otra opcion para comer tus vegetables. 
– Es un jugo natural lo que significa azucar natural. 
– Le quitas todo el jugo a la fruta/vegetal y al mismo tiempo logras obtener todos sus nutrientes. 
– Los jugos enbotellados son calentados a altas temperaturas para protegerlos de bacterias (asi duran) pero al mismo tiempo matan los nutrientes- un jugo natural no tiene este problema. 
SO… get juicin’! Don’t substitute food for them. they are not a source for fiber! 
Entonces… comienzen a tomar jugos nutrientes! No substituyan comida por jugos. No tienen fibra. 

Feast Juicin’

Let’s face it, we all have those days when we cannot seem to face the mirror because we just feel… ugly. This happens to us girls probably every month and we know exactly who to blame. The funny thing is, when we are feeling down, which in most cases it’s because we feel fat we tend to stuff our faces with nasty things like hot wings, chocolate, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, etc. (I’m not the only one, right?) instead of nourishing our body so that it radiates. Soo… a while ago I stumbled on a website called Raw Juice Guru and I actually tried the juice cleanse for two days. I thought it was a great idea to share the juices I tried since it is almost February and some of you might have some hot dates coming up.
Some things worth knowing:
– You can do the cleanse for up to 28 days, but that seems insane to me, so 2 days was just fine.
– You can order the juices by clicking here or you can make them yourself.
– It is waaay better to buy organic ingredients because you need the cleanest of the cleanest fruits and vegetables. Non organic food contain lots of chemicals that are detrimental to our health.

My Juices: 

1. Beautify your Skin
2. Radiance
3. Love your Cells
4. Tropical Intervention
5. Sweet Pleasures
6. Cellulite Blast
7. Morning Wake up Call
8. Who needs Coffee
9. Yummy Hydration
10. Cleanse & Hydrate
11. Earthy Beauty
12. King Kong

You can take up to 8 juices a day and they can be 16oz! Take a look at the recipes Here! The real thing is, it doesn’t matter how many juices you take as long as you stick to it… you’ll feel better 🙂 And please, please, please, when doing this do not exercise like crazy because we do not want anyone passing out.

I hope you enjoy it, the juices are not bad AT ALL! 

For more information about juicing take a look HERE!

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Fashion Inspiration

Hi Ladies! 

Happy Monday! Today, as an inspiration post I wanted to talk a little bit about fashion. Some people might think fashion is only on the clothes they wear everyday, which is why they think it’s expensive to be fashionable. 
Coco Chanel said it right “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  And that is what I want people to realize, fashion is not on the designer that made your blazer, fashion surrounds us every single day of our lives and it shapes our style. 
I’m inspired by simplicity, color and elegance and if you take a look, yes, that defines who I am and how I dress. 

Today, I’m inspired by health and clean eating… This will also shape my life in some form and somehow it will make its way thru my fashion 🙂 
I’m doing a 8 juice cleanse. All the juices are different but they all have some kind of fruit and/or vegetable. This is suppose to cleanse your body so that you become more radiant! Let’s see what happens 🙂 

Have a Blossoming Day!